(LEWES, Del.) – On Monday night some gathered at the Lewes Public Library to see the upgrades that will be made at Fort Miles Museum at the Cape Henlopen State Park.Dr. Gary Wray is the president of the Fort Miles Historical Association and has been working many years to improve Fort Miles.

“Quite frankly what we are offering is an improved road system.a new parking lot, because we need more parking in Cape Henlopen state park and a new outdoor venue that we will add on to our fort miles museum where we can offer wedding and reunions,” said Dr. Wray.

A 539 Thousand Dollar Grant is allowing the Fort Miles Historical Society to do more with the Master Plan.

“By everyone evaluation, the Cape Henlopen State Park is the jewel of the state park system so we are the history part of the state park so anytime you can improve polishing a jewel or a diamond then it is a good thing to do,” said Dr. Wray.

Dr. Wray said public meeting like Monday’s is helpful when planning major improvements.

“The Park goes through the feedback and we jointly look at it and then we decide if there is something we overlooked,” said Dr. Wray.

Dr. Wray said the project is expected to begin in November and be completed by Fall of 2018.

Source: http://www.wrdetv.com/index.cfm?ref=60200&ref2=7132

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