restoration2FMHA offers a large number of Volunteer Opportunities. Volunteers dedicate as many or as few hours as fit in with each individual’s schedule and other activities. We understand Volunteers are volunteers in the truest sense of the word.

The primary Volunteer Opportunities available at FMHA are:

Fort Miles Docent Program: FMHA docents conduct general tours of the Fort Miles Museum and Fort Miles Art Gallery. Docent volunteers are committed with regard to the time of each tour they choose to conduct but otherwise set their own schedule. At present, FMHA docents conduct one general Museum tour and one Art Gallery tour each week.

Bunker Busters: The FMHA Bunker Busters’ group provides the most active Volunteer Opportunities available to member-volunteers. The Bunker Busters meet weekly (Thursday) to work on a wide variety of hands on projects. In addition, Bunker Busters volunteer additional
time to finish time sensitive projects or to help prepare FMHA to host special events. If you enjoy working on “hands on” projects and activities, Bunker Busters is for you.

Gift Shop Retail: FMHA operates a Gift Shop in the Fort Miles Orientation Building. Current hours are 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Volunteers work as Gift Shop hosts and sell the specialty products offered. If you enjoy meeting visitors and tourists, you will enjoy volunteering at the FMHA Gift Shop.

FMHA Committees: The FMHA Board of Directors and Executive Director form various committees that facilitate membership activities, long-term planning and budgeting, Art Gallery planning, communications, special events and fundraising to name just a few.

On-Call Volunteers: FMHA needs general purpose, on-call volunteers to assist with special events and other projects, both internal and external.

Re-Enactors: In conjunction with twice a year Open Houses at Fort Miles and at parades and other special events, a group of dedicated re-enactors portray US and German military personnel. These re-enactors dress in authentic uniforms and operate World War II vehicles
and equipment at the Open Houses and other events.

If you wish to explore the Volunteer Opportunities at FMHA in more detail, please call or email our Secretary, Mike Dunkes (302-321-8800; mdunkes@verizon.net). If you have an interest in World War II history and education, we can use your help.