Below are time lapse videos of the assembly of the 16-inch Missouri barrel into its new mount.

May 14. You’ll see the girder being placed at the end of the day.

May 16. Go ahead and look for activity around 2:30 pm (1430 hrs.). What you’ll see is a 500-ton lift crane stacking 80 tons of counter-weights to itself. It’s interesting to watch.

May 18. On this day, the slide was placed into the girder. It is through the slide that the barrel is placed. When the gun is fired, it slides back from the recoil and then forward as the recoil springs and cylinders counter that action.

May 19. While the slide was brought up to and placed inside the girder on the 18th., it needed to have the trunnion bearings to be added. The clearances on the bearing sets were tiny, maybe as small as .002 inches. Meanwhile, the tension was building for the scheduled placement of the barrel the next day at 10 am.