FMHA wishes to salute and extend our sympathies to the families of Horace Knowles and Elmer Tyndall.

Horace Knowles proudly served in the U.S. Army at Fort Miles with the 261st Coastal Artillery from 1940 – 1944.  He was 95 when he passed on January 17 2017.  FMHA was honored to have Mr. Knowles present at the September 2 2016 opening of the Fort Miles Museum Artillery Park.  We thank him and his family for all of their support of FMHA over many years.

Col. Elmer (Newt) Tyndall served his country for 30 years in an Air Force career that spanned World War II, the Korean Conflict and Vietnam.  During WWII, he was assigned to the 58th Bomb Wing, which was the first unit to fly B-29s in the war against Japan.  Col. Tyndall was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal.  On September 2 1945, he led a formation of B-29s which flew over the U.S.S. Missouri as the Japanese government surrendered to General McArthur.  Col. Tyndall passed at his Georgetown home on January 20 2017.  We thank him for his many years of distinguished service.