FMHA BUNKER BUSTERS “GOT BUSY” THIS SUMMER.  The FMHA Bunker Busters completed a number of projects this summer, while progressing others such as continuing to change out the doors and windows in the World War II barracks lining the entrance to the Fort Miles Museum and Historical Area.  To track these (pretty amazing) accomplishments, please click on the following:

  • Acquisition and Refurbishment of 90mm M2 Gun (click here)
  • Construction of Gift Shop kiosk now open in the Museum’s Orientation Building (click here)
  • Refurbishment of Shells and Test Plates (click here)
  • Securing the Battery 519 Plotting Room Bunker (click here)

In addition to all of these projects, the Bunker Busters constructed metal anchors and stands for FMHA’s American event flags and towers to hold new donation boxes.  The finished stands and towers are now standing tall in Battery 519.

OK guys – time for a vacation!