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Film/Lecture Series Resumes Saturday, January 27th

The well-received FMHA Film and Lecture Series introduced in 2017 will resume on Saturday January 27 2018 followed by a second Film/Lecture Series event on Saturday, February 24 2018.

These Film and Lecture Series presentations will take place from 1PM to 3PM on both dates and will be held in the Fort Miles Museum media room inside Battery 519. Admission is free. Please also note that seating is limited to the first 60 patrons.

Saturday, January 27th: German POW’s in America. German POW’s captured in North Africa, Sicily and Italy were transferred to internment camps throughout the U.S., including 10 in Delaware. This presentation […]

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FMHA wishes to salute and extend our sympathies to the families of Horace Knowles and Elmer Tyndall.

Horace Knowles proudly served in the U.S. Army at Fort Miles with the 261st Coastal Artillery from 1940 – 1944.  He was 95 when he passed on January 17 2017.  FMHA was honored to have Mr. Knowles present at the September 2 2016 opening of the Fort Miles Museum Artillery Park.  We thank him and his family for all of their support of FMHA over many years.

Col. Elmer (Newt) Tyndall served his country for 30 years in an Air Force career that spanned World […]

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By Dr. Gary D. Wray

uboatsOperation Drumbeat by the Germans was the first major attack on our homeland. We are telling that story at our Fort Miles museum, through the prism of U 853 and U 858.

The history of Fort Miles and the Fort Miles museum is closely linked to the story of two famous German WWII submarines, U 853 and its sister, U 858. Both were launched in Bremen, Germany, in 1943, and each is a key part of Fort Miles and our Fort Miles museum. This is that story.

Of all of […]

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Below are time lapse videos of the assembly of the 16-inch Missouri barrel into its new mount.

May 14. You’ll see the girder being placed at the end of the day.


May 16. Go ahead and look for activity around 2:30 pm (1430 hrs.). What you’ll see is a 500-ton lift crane stacking 80 tons of counter-weights to itself. It’s interesting to watch.


May 18. On this day, the slide was placed into the girder. It is through the slide that the barrel is placed. When the […]

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Missouri Gun Assembly CrewAt about 4 p.m. June 1, 2016, the Missouri barrel assembly was completed and these are the guys who made it happen. There is still work to do, but the biggest part of the job is done.

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