FMHA is pleased to present selected paintings and photography on our website. Our initial presentation features three Howard Schroeder paintings, which hang in The Art of Fort Miles Gallery inside battery 519. As you may know, Howard Schroeder served on the Fort Miles Mine Planting detail, while stationed at Fort Miles starting in 1942. Prints of the three paintings shown below are available for purchase, as well as note cards. Visit the Fort Miles Museum Gift Shop or see a display at the new Brush Factory retail store located on King’s Highway in Lewes.

This initial presentation also features six paintings of Lewes based artist Paul Rendel. These paintings are currently on display in the Museum’s 2nd art gallery, The Battery 519 Artist’s Gallery. Prints of Mr Rendel’s paintings are also available for purchase at the FMHA Gift Shop. Please note the FMHA logo (watermark) used here for security purposes does not appear on prints available for purchase.

Howard Schroeder

Making Figure Eights and Planting the Mines

“Mine placement and maintenance was a daily and rigorous duty at Fort Miles.
While these paintings depict a beautiful Delaware coastal day, the arduous nature of mine field planting dominates the mood of these paintings.”

Quonset Huts

“In this painting, Howard Schroeder depicts the harsh living conditions endured by soldiers while stationed at Fort Miles prior to the construction of permanent barracks.  Note the piping for the tent stoves to fight off what Mr. Schroeder described as “numbingly cold” temperatures.  As one can imagine, the sand, the bugs and the smells from a nearby fish processing plant were also difficult to endure.”

Prints of these 3 paintings can be purchased at the Brush Factory on Kings retail store,  830 Kings Hwy, Lewes.
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Paul Rendel

First Hit at Midway

“On June 4 1942 at 10AM Douglas SBD Dauntless Dive Bombers are about to deliver the initial ordnance onto the Imperial Japanese fleet at Midway. This historic engagement chronicled
as “The Battle of Midway” would prove to be the turning point for the United States in the War in the Pacific.”

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Liberty’s Silent Sentinel

“This painting features FMHA’s 16-inch “Big Gun” with its barrel from the USS Missouri and a shell cart holding a 2,000 pound artillery shell. Floating in the sky above are 23 uniformed military servicemen representing the evolution of the American fighting soldier from Revolutionary War days to the future when, the artist believes, wars will be fought in space.
The soldiers include Paul Rendel’s father, who served as a medic in World War II.”

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Check Your Nine Low

“Two P-51fighters, returning home from escorting a bombing mission over Nazi Germany after D-Day, spot a slow moving B-17 Bomber trailing smoke.  The P-51 pilots radio to each other “Show your D-Day stripes so they know we are the good guys.”

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Clear Guns

“A new day dawns in 1944 and B-17 bombers settle into formation over the English Channel for yet another long bombing run over Nazi Germany.  The Ball Turret Gunner, oxygen mask in place to protect against outside temperatures of 50 degrees below zero, is ready for the order “Clear Guns” to ensure his guns are fully operational for another dangerous mission.”

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Operation Varsity

“On March 24 1945, the 17th U.S. Airborne Division, along with the 6th British Airborne Division, flew 17,000 soldiers in 906 gliders to a daring airborne invasion over the Rhine River.  This painting depicts the brave soldiers in one of these gliders about to enter battle and assist in the final conquest of Nazi Germany.”

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Last One Home

“Sent out on a training mission from Pensacola’s Correy Field on a stormy day in 1942,
a SNJ8 cadet pilot finds his way home as the last aircraft to land and is greeted by an anxious Navy instructor.”

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