February 25, 10AM – 3PM

FMHA will host additional Open Houses in March, April and May.  See “February and March Happenings” for the full schedule.

The February 25th Open House will feature a 1PM film and lecture to be conducted by FMHA President and well known local historian, Dr. Gary Wray.  Gary will discuss the World War II German submarine attacks on U.S. military and commercial ships that frequently occurred just off the coast of the United States.  The surrender of U-Boat U858 at Fort Miles on May 14 1945 will also be discussed.  U858 was the first German warship to surrender to U.S. forces.  The January film/lecture drew a full house.

While Battery 519 is open the paintings of local artist Paul Rendel will be on display.  Paul is known for his depictions of World War II aircraft and was a commissioned artist of the United States Air Force.  Both original art and prints will be offered for sale.

Open House visitors will be guided through the Museum’s many exhibit rooms by Fort Miles Historical Association docents.  The Fort Miles Art Gallery will be open from 10AM-12:30 PM and again from 1:30PM to 3PM.  The Gallery features paintings completed by Howard Schroeder while he was stationed at Fort Miles as well as paintings by Abraxas Hudson and Mary Marshall.

The entrance to Battery 519 is reached by walking/biking through the Fort Miles Museum Artillery Park.  Admission to Battery 519 is $5 per person.  Free admission for children under 7.